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Worldly Watercolors:
Original Watercolors from Around the World by Cynthia Kukla

Local human! Selling original watercolors featuring locations from all over the world. These are intimate travel watercolors I painted on-site overlooking the volcanic cliffs at Santorini, Greece, on the sandstone cliffs of Prince Edward Island, on the shore in Jamaica, under the full moon in Thailand, by the rivers in the Smoky Mountains, with views of ancient temples, and much, much more! Part of an artwork is the wonderful story that goes with it—enhance your space or buy a gift and get a story for free! Higher prices are reflected in paintings that are professionally framed or have window mats. Some works are mounted on colorful twelve-inch decorative squares.

Buy conveniently online or make an appointment to visit my big new studio and view these watercolors and see my full compliment of art works. Reach Cynthia at (309) 531-9200.

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